Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mount Batur Trekking



1. HIKING SHOES (Here you will go climbing the Mountain from the foot of the mountain till the top of the mountain therefore putting on Hiking Shoes is strongly recommended).

2. JACKET and Long Pants (wearing jacket and trousers is recommended also because Mount Batur or Kintamani area is the coldest place in Bali.

3. CAMERA (This is the most importing thing to bring; from the top of the Mountain you will see amazing sunrise and wonderfully magnificent view of the lake so that your camera will be very useful. You can take a lot of pictures then go share them to your friends.  We are certain that your friends will be jealous of you.  lol.

4. RAW EGGS or Bananas, Or Potatoes (You can steam the eggs or the bananas or potatoes that you get on the top of the mountain). This is one of the interesting things to do after you reach on the summit of the active volcano. Besides you will see amazing views of the Sunrise and the biggest Lake in Bali. BUT NO WORRIES about the eggs and the like, we already provide them for you.

5. SIMPLE POWER BREAKFAST (When you are on the Top of the Mountain, we believe that you will feel hungry, and of course we also already Prepare the meal for you.

01.45 to 02.00 am: Hotel pick up drive directly to the starting point
03.00 am: menu For breakfast: Boiled Eggs, Some Breads, Fruits, Mineral Water. Please book to Bali Trekking Info to receive this breakfast inclusion during your hiking tour.
04.00 am: Your will be accompanied by a licensed trekking organization guide to assist you with your ascent of around 2 hours from the bottom to the peak of the mountain.
05.00 am: There will be a short halt for resting and drinking the supplied water.
06.00 am: On arrival at the peak of Mt. Batur you will be served with a packed breakfast and eggs which are cooked or boiled in the volcano steam while you wait for the sunrise to come.
08.00 am: After the climb you will be taken back by a private air-conditioned car to the hotel by passing some interesting places such as Tegalalang rice fields, and the Elephant Cave.

Mount Batur Bali is an active volcano which is situated at the center of two concentric calderas north west of Mount Agung Kintamani – Karangaasem Regency , Bali, Indonesia. Part of Mount Batur’s massive caldera is filled by Batur lake which constitutes Bali’s largest crater lake. Amazing views of Mount Batur which are naturally combined with Batur Lake can be wonderfully photographed from the nearby village of Penelokan in Kintamani where you can see the full views of Mount Batur and the lake. The word “penelokan” is a Balinese word meaning “a place to see”. Other small villages which are also located around the rim of Mount Batur offer great opportunities to explore the surrounding caldera area. The caldera is populated by four main villages, namely Songan, Toya Bungkah, Trunyan and Kedisan. Along the main road in Kintamani area, there are many restaurants and traditional eateries called “warung” that offer both western as well as Indonesian foods. They also offer the best spots for overlooking the amazing Mount Batur and Lake Batur. Taking pictures while enjoying lunch or brunch will be very exciting for them. Many domestic as well as international tourists are also fond of enjoying the wonderful views of Lake and Mount Batur from Kintamani and Penelokan area. The local people are largely dependent on agriculture for their income then now tourism has become increasingly well-known because it is relatively easy to go on a trip to the top of the crater center, therefore some of the local people have also become Local Guides for Climbing up Mount Batur. The trek program is then well known as Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour. 

Let us explore the most amazing trip of Bali Sunrise trekking at Mount Batur Bali, The most Interesting Bali volcano hiking in Bali, and obtain the best nature experience during your holiday in Bali by joining one or both of the tour packages. For more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us in Bali Trekking Info. Surely, we will respond immediately. 

As it is mentioned on the Above Itinerary, after the trek we will be excited to arrange a halt at several interesting places during your way back to Home as the following detailed information:

1. Tegalalang Rice Field is one of the famous tourist destinations in Bali which is located in Tegalalang Village park of Ubud ,Bali. This beautiful village is featured by the amazing rice terraces which are naturally set in the cliff. Tegalalang Village has very good temperature where most of the villagers work as farmers and peasants. It also offers the stunning view of rice terraces in which we can see from the main road from Kintamani to Ubud. But please note that the entrance fee to the Rice terraces is not included in the package.

2. Elephant Cave is a significantly important Hindu archaeological site. The local people call this place “Goa Gajah” meaning elephant cave. Goa Gajah is also a locally well-known place because of its close proximity to the Elephant River. A mysterious cave, relics, and ancient bathing pools set amid green rice paddies and a garden lure tourists from nearby Ubud as well as other places in Bali or any other places in Indonesia, and you also may go entering the cave and go see inside. Please note that the entrance fee to this place is not included in the package


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