Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sunrise Trek and Rafting Combination tour in Bali

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek and Rafting combination Tour package -

This package is one of the Trekking Combination tour that we created - Climbing Mount Batur for sunrise then exploring the amazing river in Ubud, this package will make your holiday more memorable. Below is the detail explanation for you :

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking is very popular activities that you can do during your holiday in Bali. A lots people do climb specialy tourists. Over enthusiastic that we designed this combination for nature lovers who like mountain climbing and also liked the fun water sport are rafting. You will be picked up by our driver from your hotel in the hours 02.00am – 02.30am depending on the location of your hotel. You’ll drive along our driver about 1 to 2 hours to the start point. At about 03.30am – 04.00am you will arrive at the parking trekking start point. You will be getting ready to climb the mountain high base in 1717 meters above sea level, accompanied by our local guide who is experienced and professional. Up at the top you will be served a full breakfast made by your local guide. 
After that, your eyes will be spoiled with sunrise coming. Once completed you will be invited to enjoy the sunrise on the rim of the crater around Mount Batur by your local guide. When finished touring on the Batur mountain top, you will be down the mountain to reach the finish point. Arriving at the finish point you will continue the journey to the river for Rafting Adventure. We have 2 options of places to whitewater rafting, you can choose one of them:

Telaga Waja Rafting Adventure, arriving at the Telaga Waja river you will register for Rafting. You are also greeted with a welcome drink. Once you are ready your Rafting local guide will take you to the river and the boat. Along the river that had a distance of 17 km you will be presented with a view of rice fields and beautiful woodland. Rapid river level in the Telaga Waja between 3-4 and has a challenging spot that droop 4 meters. You are also going through Waterfall on the cliffs along the river. While your driver will drive towards Rafting finish point and waiting for you there. After completion of your rafting activities you will enjoy lunch. When you’re done enjoying lunch our driver ready to take you back comfortably and safely to your hotel.

Ayung White Water Rafting Adventure, Ayung river is located in Kedewatan Ubud for rafting activities. Rapid Ayung river level at between 2-3 with a track length of 12 km of the river. Ayung river also has a beauty that is not less interesting. You will find a waterfall on a cliff. Cliff that stands firm of sandstone and carved to look pretty well decorate your trip. Once you are in the lobby until the Ayung Rafting you will do the registration. After completing the registration, you can change your clothes with your swimwear. Afterwards Rafting Shuttle Car will take you to the start point. Rafting adventure begins. Feel the sensation! After completion of Rafting activities you will walk towards the finish point. Once you reach the finish point and change your clothes lunch dishes you can enjoy here as a closing activity today. You will drive with our driver to get to your hotel safely and comfortably


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