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Trekking and Trave to Mount Abang Bali

Trekking and Travel package to Mount Abang

Gunung Abang is the third highest mountain in Bali (2152) and is the highest peak of the caldera of Batur. Bangli Regency is located at, it lies between Mount Batur (West) and Gunung Agung (East). Closer to mount Batur. In between Mount Batur and Abang lies the Lake Batur.

Mount abang is wet forested hills and FIR. The Hill is formed by the eruption of a volcano in the past. This Brother is a mountain the highest point of the dykes surrounding the caldera of Mount Batur is 13.8 x 10 km with an altitude of 2152 mdpl. Mount Abang Subdistrict administrative region entry Kintamani Bangli Regency, Bali, Indonesia.

Trekking Package To Mount Abang

Travel to mount abang, from denpasar, starting September 14, 2014 at 03.00 WITA to the stone of the Moon, past the singapadu, and kintamani. If we had been in the tourist area of Kintamani we can towards the East in the direction of Karangasem, next we will find branch road. To the location of the climb we take the direction towards the village of kekiri Abang, an asphalt road that has begun is broken. Approximately half a kilometre we will find the temple. In this temple there is a parking area which is quite widely on disable for Hindus to worship. Here we can put the motor to the next walk to the Summit of Mount Abang. But the second alternative is bringing the cars pass through the temple, get writing Welcome Mount Abang "hehe. Because of the garage pretending to get to this article through the Rocky and far enough. Fair to save money-save effort. Thanks for Yoka and Rambo who've survey location h-6. Finally got the foot of Mount abang is 05.00. So travel time denpasar – kintamani is 2 hours by car. After worship in this temple, temen-temen back to car talk, create the entrails, content manpower and eliminates drowsiness because of the journey started at 06.00.

06.00. All Pencils gathered in front of the car, pray together and Joss Pencils!!!!
The path led by Yoka, past the trees, bushes, grass, the Caterpillar, the course of dirt roads, not rocks, many trees because the forest is here, so it does not feel the heat of the afternoon climb. Jalanannya fair, alan landainya a little once, and carefully kepleset Yes, slick. Climb Mount Abang is fairly safe because there is only one path to the Summit of Mount abang, simply follow walking trails. Before you get to the top we will pass 2, the first Temple on the right path and the second temple on the left of the road.  - for more detail please visit here or Click mount abang sunrise hiking 

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